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Мартин 3 САС за одни выходные / 3xCAC per weekend

Martin - The Super Star! Two more shows and two more CACs! 'Martin' Est Factum Misterio - 2xCW, 2xBest Male, 2xCAC, BOB and BIG-1!!!! О. Zampanzar Heminway Daiquiri M. Royal Tara de Ria Vela bred by Alexey Sobolev owned by Anna Kibalova Judged by G.Zaharova, Алла Филатова (breed) and Татьяна Мордвинова (group) Groomed and handled by me) Congratulations to the owners and breeder!

+31 6 8434 5058

Alexey Sobolev
Heerlen, Limburg


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